SK biotek we have created an exciting, dynamic and challenging work environment.

As well as welcoming new investment, new products and innovative projects, we have changed our attitude to the community too, by our engagement with Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) activities.

Perhaps nothing sums up our mission – ‘’to make what matters for a healthier, happier world’’ – better than our adoption of a CSR policy. By recognising the importance of supporting the local community and local and national charities, we are aligning our life-changing and life-saving work with our place in the community, supporting the people that support us.

It’s good to ‘give something back’. We have already adopted this attitude in our relationship with educational establishments, helping the places of learning that served so many of our scientists, engineers and other professionals so well in their formative years. The amount of students we are hosting for their placements at present is visible proof of this attitude. By adopting a CSR policy we are taking this attitude to the next level by ‘giving something back’ to the community.

Our CSR framework focuses on supporting those in need and taking measures to improve our impact on the local environment and sustainability. These are hot topics at the moment, and it is important not to just pay lip service to them. By having tangible funds available for CSR activities we are practicing what we preach.

Specifically, we nominate two charities once every calendar year, voted on by employees. Employees are afforded the opportunity to work with charities and on fundraising events using their allocated CSR time. Employees also opt to allow a deduction from their gross pay to be directly donated to our nominated charities.

The company’s CSR program and CSR activities are driven by a group of employees who have volunteered to carry out the role of CSR Champions; they are guided by a CSR Committee comprising of members from the Senior Leadership Team.

More than anything, SK biotek CSR activities belong to the wider employee base, who actively engage and support our activities.

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