Safety, Health and the Environment Policy:

At SK biotek we are focused on the health and safety of our employees, customers, communities and others impacted by our activities or products. We are committed to continuous improvement of environment, health and safety (SHE) performance through adherence to the following principles:

  • Conducting all our activities and operations in accordance with all applicable SHE related legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Integrating SHE considerations into planning and decision making and pre-assessing the possible environmental and safety impacts of all modifications to our activities, products, processes and services;
  • Identifying SHE hazards, risks, aspects and impacts through periodic assessments and audits and the implementation of necessary control measures;
  • Assessing the training needs of employees and contract workers and providing them with necessary training on SHE issues, concerns and best practices;
  • Designing and developing facilities that are energy efficient, generate less waste through recycling and reuse of materials to reduce the impact on the environment;
  • Providing adequate resources for the management of SHE risks and assigning clear responsibilities to managers, employees, contractors and vendors alike, to ensure compliance with our SHE Policies and Procedures
  • Maintaining and continually improving SHE systems at all our manufacturing sites through the implementation of the latest technology and SHE best practices;
  • Committing to open communication and dialogue on workplace health, safety and environmental issues with our employees, suppliers, contractors and customers; through and responding to their SHE concerns and suggestions;
  • Regular review and resetting of SHE objectives and targets.

The EHS management systems at our facilities are certified to the following international standards

OHSAS 18001

Daejeon, Sejong,

ISO 14001

Sejong, Swords


Fire Detection

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