The health and safety of our workforce is a top priority for us and we passionately believe in the principle that all accidents are preventable. Our drive to zero injuries is being achieved, not only through excellence in the design of our facilities and adherence to the highest standards with our EHS management systems but also by fostering a culture of personal accountability for safety at every level of the Organisation.

Our Process Safety Program includes the following elements:

  • Process Safety Testing;
  • Hazard & Operability (HAZOP);
  • Mechanical Integrity;
  • Explosion Proof Design;
  • N2 blanketing of process vessels containing flammable liquids and ignitable dusts;
  • Earthing and bonding of equipment and control of mobile ignition sources;
  • Exotherm Control.

A global Exposure Control Strategy dictates how we
handle High Potency compounds. Aspects include:

  • Determination of appropriate control banding based on structural alerts and available hazard data;
  • Selection of the best containment strategy based on the SK biotek assigned Exposure Control Band (ECB) based on ISPE guidelines;
  • Where necessary, PPE selection criteria to supplement control level provided by the primary engineered containment;
  • A rigorous health surveillance program for our employees.

We ensure Business Continuity for our customers through
state-of-the-art loss prevention design of our facilities,
particularly in the areas of:

  • Fire Detection and Fire Protection;
  • Overpressure protection;
  • Bunding and Spill Containment;
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply.


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