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Mr. Keun-Joo Hwang

CEO, SK biotek Korea

Mr. Hwang holds a Masters and Bachelors degree in Economics from Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.

He joined the SK Group in 1995 as a planning manager for the Business Strategy team of SK Telecom. In 2017, he moved to the investment center of SK Holdings to lead execution of M&A’s into new business areas such as the Pharmaceutical Industry.

As the head of an investment center, he led many projects such as the acquisition of Swords Campus in Dublin, Ireland, the acquisition of AMPAC Fine Chemicals and the establishment of SK Pharmteco in the US.

In 2020, Mr. Hwang was appointed as the CEO of SK biotek in order to strengthen its core competitiveness with strong support from SK Pharmteco and the SK Group.

Mooyong Uhm

Head of Plant for Korea (Deajon and Sejong), SK biotek Korea

Mooyong joined SK in 1990 and began working as a process chemist in a refinery plant after graduating from Seoul National University with a Master’s Degree in Chemistry.

After moving to SK’s CMO business in 1998, he has held the positions of Pilot Plant Manager, Plant Manager, API R&D Manager and Quality Director.

Since 2016, he has been in charge of SK biotek Daejeon and Sejong plants in Korea.

Gyesang Yoo

Director of Project Management, SK biotek Korea

Gyesang joined SK in 2001; obtained a master’s degree in Fiber Polymer Engineering from Seoul National University and a bachelor’s degree in polymer engineering from Dankook University.
After joining SK holdings in 2001, he worked in CMS team, Production team, and process development team as a process chemist. He was responsible for process development, scale up and launching new products and optimization of multiple products. From 2015 he worked as a director of Production Management and now in charge of Project Management as a director, SK bioteck Korea.

Sanggu Lee

Director of Supply Chain Management, SK biotek Korea

Sanggu joined SK in 1995; holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Chemical enginnering from Sogang University.
He started his work at Yu-Gong Lab in Ulsan R&D Center as a research engineer. Since 2009 worked in Business Admin and CMS Division at SK holdings.
After 2015, he was in charge of Procurement & Logistics and now he is a director of Supply chain Management at SK Biotek Korea.


Director of EHS, SK biotek Korea

Hongsam joined SK in 2019; holds a degree in Safety Engineering from the Chungbuk National University and a MBA from the Chunnam National University. He has worked in SHE area over 20 years. He has various experience in SHE such as PSM, LockoutTagout(LOTO), Confined space management, SHE audit, ISO system and etc. Now he is responsible for the Safety, Health and Environment of SK biotek Korea as a director.

Ryan Seongho Oh PhD

Vice President, Head of R&D, SK biotek Korea

Ryan graduated from Yonsei University with a BSc and MSc in Chemistry. Having industrial experience in medicinal chemistry, he earned his PhD in Organic chemistry from Texas A&M University. After completion of a post-doctoral research in Johns Hopkins University, he started his career in Chemical Development group in Codexis. During that time, he developed enzymatic and chemical processes of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Currently, he is working at SK Biotek as a Head of Process R&D and his role is to lead cross functional teams of process chemists, analytical chemists, and engineers providing API related chemical production process through batch and continuous processing.

Myonghwan Cha

Director of Production, SK biotek Korea

Myonghwan joined SK in 2006; obtained a master’s degree in Chemical engineering from Yonsei University and a bachelor’s degree in Bio Chemical engineering from KAIST. After joining SK holdings as a production engineer in 2006, he worked in CMS team in Sk holdings. Also worked in CMS team at SK biopharm. Since joining to SK biotek in 2015, he has been working on production operations, production planning, and customer response in the Production team. Also he has contributed to productivity improvement and efficiency increase.

Haeok Choi

Head of Quality, SK biotek Korea

Haeok joined SK in 2012; she studied Chemical engineering from Hanyang University. After joining SK biopharm in 2012.
She has more than 20 years experience in quality field. As the quality team director, she is responsible for providing safe medicines to customers throuth quality management. She has contibuted to the past due diligence – in 2017 Sejong Plant passed the Korea Food and Drug Administration du diligenc, and also In 2019 and 2020, Sejong and Daejeon plants passed FDA inspections respectively.

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