Employee Appreciation Day

At SK biotek, we recognise the value of the contribution that all SK People make, to ensure the success of our campus here in Swords.  SK biotek Ireland commenced business on Swords Campus on 1st January 2018 and already, we have achieved a great deal.

Having been part of a large Pharma organisation for over 50 years, we have now transitioned to a self-sufficient organisation with a clear focus on becoming a Top Tier CDMO.  Weimplemented new standalone IT systems, exceeded our target number of batches manufactured, rebranded an entire campus, encouraged strong relationships with our South Korean counterparts, through collaboration, weekly global function meetings and even secondments to Korea; continued work on developing our organisation whilst each going through our own personal journey of change and to we ended 2018 with a high Site Scorecard.

The success of this transition is down to the exceptional quality of our people, who have shown considerable innovation, resilience, excellence and commitment. We believe that these qualities set us up to achieve our business objectives over the coming years.

The transition from “Big Pharma” to a Contract Development Manufacturing Organisation was significant. A considerable mind-set change in how we work has been required in order to enable the success of SK biotek as a CDMO and our people are rising to this challenge. How we recognise our people for demonstrating our values and supporting our goal to be a top tier CDMO is a key pillar of our People Strategy and overall business strategy.

With that in mind, Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect day on which to launch our new Employee Recognition Scheme, SK SUPEXStars.

We all know that organisations with effective recognition programmes have highly motivated and engaged people. We hope to build on the significant engagement we already see around the campus whilst utilising our new scheme to further ensure that our people feel valued.

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